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Meet Your Coaches

Coach Marcy
Coach Katina

Katina Curran

About Katina and Marcy


It all started when Marcy picked up the phone and reached out to Katina and said hey wanna start a challenge and change some lives together?? Her response was that sounds like a fabulous idea!!

Neither one of us had any idea how this all would turn out!! We simply stepped WAY OUT of our comfort zone , we did the hardest part and took ACTION to build something together. Two total strangers taking a chance on each other to help others!

Almost two years later Katina and myself would now like to announce that we have “OFFICIALLY“ merged both of our businesses and have now partnered to create “2 BE ENOUGH”and are going to Continue to work together changing lives and making dreams come true.

Our success rate with our clients has been overwhelmingly successful and incredibly positive!! We have built some amazing relationships we have helped mend marriages we have cried with our clients and we have laughed with our clients and most important we have been able to help instill/uncover a level of self confidence they had never even dreamed of!!

The program we have developed is completely unique. Our commitment to our clients and their success is over the top. Katina and I both STRONGLY believe in our commitment to each one of our clients. We focus on a science based approach and we do not rely on Pills or Supplements.

We had absolutely no idea how our journey would turn out working together!! Needless to say we are blown away by not only how our skill sets and personalities compliment each other but even more so that it’s truly amazing to  help so many clients achieve their goals!!  We don’t just focus on weight loss we also choose to focus on living a Healthy and SUSTAINABLE Lifestyle!! Learning how to make choices and not feel guilty about them. Learning how to NOT sabotage one’s self. Some of our clients are 200lbs And some are 100 pounds!!! It’s not always about the weight loss!!!

We couldn’t be more proud and more happy to continue to grow together!! If you or someone you know is looking to shed a little weight or looking to feel their best and exceed their limits we would love to set up a consult and decide if we would be a good fit!!

Send us a message and we will be in touch! 

Katina Curran & Marcy Miller-Diehl

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