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Why is it that We Don’t Believe in Ourselves??

As soon as things get difficult, we gain a little weight or we do something wrong or upset someone or there is any sort of trouble or disappointment in our lives we start doubting ourselves.

We start thinking we aren’t going to make it or be able to Continue? We think we have failed. We start stressing and worrying and imagining things that might go wrong in the future! (That typically never happen)

Most of the We give up on ourselves and become complacent !!

Our mind can be our most Powerful Tool that we have and that we can use to achieve success in life!! Our mind can also be the most destructive tool as well if we allow to fill up with negativity and disappointment.

It is so very important that we pay attention and stay in control of our minds! If we don’t do so Derailment is just a small step away as soon as that moment happens that we let our thoughts and mind get out of control!!!

When we are able to stay focused and conquer our minds we can pretty much conquer ANYTHING around us!!





It’s super easy to stay on point when things are going positively in our lives!! That’s the sunshine and rainbows part of life for sure!!!

It’s not always so easy when things get crappy!! There will always be obstacles and twists and turns around every corner that we will have to encounter and deal with.

There will always be doubters and people trying to put us down. There will be things from our past that will be reminders of epic mistakes we have made and there will always be the people that can bring out some of our not so good qualities !!!

Most importantly is to embrace our story no matter how incredibly messy that it is!! All of the mistakes we made and all of the obstacles along the way we have been a key to overcome!! When we are able to this each day of our life and to stay PRESENT each day that is truly when the Miracles start to happen.




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Complacency on a health journey can have both positive and negative effects!!

Complacency refers to a state of being satisfied with one's current situation, often leading to a lack of motivation or effort to improve or change. While it may provide temporary comfort, complacency can have both positive and negative effects on our lives.

On the positive side, complacency can offer us a sense of stability and contentment. It allows us to enjoy all of our hard work and dedication to any given task or goal and appreciate the accomplishments we have achieved. It can also give a reason to take a break from the daily grind and allow us to relax and recharge. Complacency also has the ability to allow us to feel a sense of gratitude and mindfulness, as we learn to appreciate the present moment and each and every blessing in our lives.

Although on the flip-side of the positive there is typically the negative. Complacency can also lead to a lack of motivation and a loss of focus on health goals and any other aspect of our lives!!!! We may become less excited about our exercise routines, less mindful of our nutrition, or less committed to self-care practices. This can definitely cause us to plateau and slowly revert backwards on our health journeys and we don’t even see it happening. It’s a very SLIPPERY SLOPE!!! ( we sure as hell don’t want someone telling us we are complacent) our defense IMMEDIATELY kicks in!!! It’s simply human nature!!

When we become too comfortable with our current level of health and fitness, we will neglect some of he important habits and behaviors that we have developed and that have contributed to our success. This can result in a variety of different things that will happen that won’t make any of us very happy and especially when we have packed back on all of those lost pounds and our unhealthy habits have all crept back in!!!

I can not even stress this enough!!! It is so very important to create our own self-awareness and mindfulness in each of our health practices. This involves regularly checking in with ourselves, making sure our habits and behaviors are on point and making adjustments as needed. It is important to stay accountable to ourselves and making sure that we know to reach out and receive guidance and support from others when necessary.

Now let’s touch on how complacency can also really hold each of us back from personal growth and development. When we become too comfortable with our current situation physically, mentally and socially we may resist change or avoid taking risks.

It is exactly In these moments we may find it more difficult to be in the place where we would have typically taken chances!!! The next thing we know we can completely fall out of our daily grind and regiment where we have built up all of our confidence to succeed!!!

Complacency can definitely be debilitating and cause us to have a stagnant mindset that is for damn sure!!

To avoid complacency on a health journey, it is important to maintain a mindset of continuous improvement and growth. This means that each of us must continue in setting new goals, challenging ourselves to reach higher levels of fitness or wellness, and regularly taking a look at our selves and our progress.

It is important to stay motivated by finding new ways to stay engaged and excited about our health journey, such as trying new exercises, joining a new group of any sort, exploring different healthy recipes, taking a cooking class or how about seeking support from an inspiring coach!

Overall, while complacency can provide temporary comfort and satisfaction, it is important to remain vigilant and proactive in our health journey. By avoiding complacency and staying committed to our goals, we can continue to make progress, maintain our health, and lead a supper HAPPY JOYOUS and FULL-FILLING life!!!

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