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Why is it you can start a diet bursting with motivation, ready to transform your life…

And then a few weeks in, your willpower has totally gone to the way side , and you’re ready to give up for good?

More than likely you have probably taken on way more than you can handle thinking you “Got this Shit” this time!!!

Or there is the type of motivation you are applying to your healthy lifestyle journey there are two kinds of motivation…

Extrinsic motivation which comes from outside yourself…

Intrinsic motivation comes which will come from within...

EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION runs on guilt and people-pleasing. This also comes from all of that social media and comparison stuff I was talking about last week!!! When you’re motivated this way, you are simply trying to lose weight to impress others or win approval from your peers!! This may be what you think is a fantastic way to get started although it’s definitely not “Finish Line”worthy.

INTRINSIC MOTIVATION revolves around your why and those MEANINGFUL reasons “Why” you want to lose weight.

Some of those “Why” reasons could maybe be to boost your confidence, or to have more energy maybe to to overall improve your health you get what I am laying down don’t you??

As it turns out and studies have proven to us all that weight loss is MUCH more successful in the long run when you’re motivated from within.

I would like to share a few ways to help keep you Motivated and strengthen what you already have rolling from within your soul!

REMEMBER YOUR WHY The more meaningful your goals are, the more motivated you’ll be to keep pushing forward. So get clear on your why and revisit it every day.

LISTEN TO OTHERS STORIES. Hearing others and their success stories helps you know it’s possible for you too. After all, if they can do it – so can YOU.

GET SUPPORT AND CHOOSE YOUR TRIBE CAREFULLY Having positive people to cheer you on helps you stay on top of your weight loss goals. It doesn’t matter whether that support is via social media or in person!

Most important as you continue on along your journey be sure to write down goals for yourself moving forward or even for within that same day! Keep track of both your small and big wins and be sure to CELEBRATE!!

If you are looking to set sail on a weight loss and or lifestyle change journey please send me a DM or give me a call!! I am always available and I love watching others WIN!!!!


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Ask yourself this …..

What if you knew nothing about us?? What if you are feeling so hopeless and simply are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I ask you to Forget about every statistic and every scientifically based solution Marcy and I are based upon and that you may already know about us and our program!!

Do not pay attention to ANY and or ALL of our successes.

What if There was an option out there and that option was the answer you have been looking for all of this time!!

What if Marcy and Katina have the answer to help you lose that weight for good and keep it off!!!

What do you have to lose on taking the chance on making yourself not only feel good but to also look good!!

Living a Healthy lifestyle is actually super simple but yet as a society we choose to make it so very difficult!!!

Katina and Marcy would like you to “Take The Chance” on yourself to become the best version of yourself and they both promise you will not regret your decision.


-Katina and Marcy

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Definitely not something that most of us actually think about talk about or do something about !!

I CAN’T is a really important part of the reasons why so many people fail at achieving their goals and specifically speaking in weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes!!!

I CAN’T has become such a normal part of our conversation/self dialogue that most people don’t even realize that they say it half as much as they do!!

The truth is there are very very very few things that “WE CAN’T” do. Ideally we are capable of just about anything that is realistic!! We just allow our minds to continually tell us we can’t!!!

I CANT’ generally thrives on what kind of mood we are in or if it works into our schedule. We don’t even make our own selves and our health a priority anymore!! Then when we do we make all kinds of excuses of why it’s not working out and blame it on everyone and everything thing else.

At one point of my life I was surrounded with a group of people that pointed fingers in every direction and at everyone else and were continuously talking about others and not taking the time to really look inward to help themselves create healthy changes within themselves to become successful on all sorts of different levels.

Truth is ideally it is all ok to live a life making excuses and not owning up to your shit although the rest of us have choices as well. Choices which allow us to know and understand what types of people work for us in our lives and what types don’t.

By choosing who we surround ourselve with and making positive changes in our own lives we are eliminating the negatives that we have been afraid to stand up to!!

I WON’T is the eye opening underlying truth to most of your I CAN’T’s

Let’s try the I CAN’T challenge!!! I challenge you to recognize every time you catch yourself saying I can’t!! Then I want you to turn it around and THINK ABOUT IT for a second or two!!! Is it really true??? Is it true that you can’t or is it really that that you WON’T??? PS … for 10 years I told myself I CAN’T gain muscle and my shoulder won’t let me do it!!

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