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Definitely not something that most of us actually think about talk about or do something about !!

I CAN’T is a really important part of the reasons why so many people fail at achieving their goals and specifically speaking in weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes!!!

I CAN’T has become such a normal part of our conversation/self dialogue that most people don’t even realize that they say it half as much as they do!!

The truth is there are very very very few things that “WE CAN’T” do. Ideally we are capable of just about anything that is realistic!! We just allow our minds to continually tell us we can’t!!!

I CANT’ generally thrives on what kind of mood we are in or if it works into our schedule. We don’t even make our own selves and our health a priority anymore!! Then when we do we make all kinds of excuses of why it’s not working out and blame it on everyone and everything thing else.

At one point of my life I was surrounded with a group of people that pointed fingers in every direction and at everyone else and were continuously talking about others and not taking the time to really look inward to help themselves create healthy changes within themselves to become successful on all sorts of different levels.

Truth is ideally it is all ok to live a life making excuses and not owning up to your shit although the rest of us have choices as well. Choices which allow us to know and understand what types of people work for us in our lives and what types don’t.

By choosing who we surround ourselve with and making positive changes in our own lives we are eliminating the negatives that we have been afraid to stand up to!!

I WON’T is the eye opening underlying truth to most of your I CAN’T’s

Let’s try the I CAN’T challenge!!! I challenge you to recognize every time you catch yourself saying I can’t!! Then I want you to turn it around and THINK ABOUT IT for a second or two!!! Is it really true??? Is it true that you can’t or is it really that that you WON’T??? PS … for 10 years I told myself I CAN’T gain muscle and my shoulder won’t let me do it!!

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